Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Party Pie Book

This is the lemon meringue pie and tarts from the Party Pie Cookbook, part of the 1958 Good Housekeeping series. I'm still on a lemon meringue pie kick here. This one includes variations for the pie, like:
Lemon-Snow: fold meringue into cooled filling. 9How is that different from Chiffon?)
Lime Meringue -I see this one a lot, but has anyone actually eaten one?
Pineapple Meringue - add canned crushed pineapple to hot filling. (Really? To lemon?)
Pineapple-Snow (I'm sensing a theme...)
Quick Lemon - use packaged lemon-pie filling.
At least there is no prune.
I'm off early today to Shorewood, WI to do a library training. I have my book on CD all ready. Oh yeah, and my presentation materials...

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Sarah said...

Amy have you read the Adventures of Blue Avenger? I remember loving the lemon meringue pie theme in there as he was on a quest to make a "weepless" pie. Pretty sure there's a recipe in there to try too!