Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I'm taking a break from carrot cake recipes for a day to talk about Father's Day. My husband feels a bit ambivalent about it, much as I do about Mother's Day, from all the years of struggling with infertility. However, he is happy to go to my brother's pool party tomorrow to celebrate his birthday and Father's Day for all the fathers. Emphasis on pool.

My Southern Heritage Family Gatherings cookbook has a "Father's Day Ice Cream Party" menu. The caption for this photo is 'With three ice cream recipes, two sauces, nuts and fruit, plus Icebox Cookies, the imagination reaches new heights.' It certainly does. I should mention that I have most of the glasses pictured here. I obsessed with ice cream sundae glasses a few years ago and snapped up vintage ones. Now that I'm packing, I have to wonder about that collection. It's also interesting to me that even though our sons are adopted, they seem to have the collecting genes also. Nurture, not nature, I think.

Here's the recipe for Icebox Cookies:

1 cup butter or margarine, softened

1 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

3 1/2 cups self-rising flour

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 cup finely chopped pecans

Combine butter and sugar; beat well. Add eggs, flour and vanilla; mix well. Stir in pecans.

Divide dough into three equal portions; shape each portion into a 12X2 inch roll. Wrap in waxed paper, and refrigerate overnight.

Slice dough into 1/4 inch thick slices; place slices on ungreased baking sheets. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove to wire racks to cool. Yield: 9 dozen. (9 dozen?!?)

Have a good weekend!


Head Bitch in Charge said...

Oh how I miss my scanner! I miss posting my cookbooks. I'll just have to come back more and live vicariously through yours :D

Norm Cowie said...

Here's the recipe for my Father's Day:

1 oz of everyone conveniently sleeping in, except dad, who gets to read the Sunday paper before anyone gets up.

A dash of getting on the laptop and reading some blogs.

1 16 oz mysterious bag in the fridge, suspected to contain a couple lobster tails.

214 pounds of daughters, both home and safe.

2 hours of my younger daughter's outdoor concert tonight.

2 thoughtful gifts from kids, preferably something from Lowes.

3 lovely women who when they get in a room are a delight to behold.

1 hour of maybe working on WereWoof.

1 grill, with the aforesaid lobster, some shrimp, zucchini, mebbe a steak or two.

Mix well, and simmer at 70 degrees for an entire day.

Happy Father's Day.


Amy said...

Your love for your family definitely comes through - maybe you also have a gift for poetry!