Friday, August 14, 2009

Bohemian-American Cook Book

My colleague and friend Tom, the same man who gave me that wonderful hamburger cookbook a few weeks ago, gifted me with this gem of a cookbook that was his Mother's. It is the 1949 Bohemian-American Cook Book. The caption by this intimidating photo reads 'Marie Rosicky: Born in Klatovy, Czechoslovakia, December 8, 1954. Died in Omaha, Nebraska, October 9, 1912.' The cookbook was put together by her daughter.
One of Tom's favorite recipes from this one is Poppyseed Crown Cake, so I'm starting with that one:
Boil one cup of ground poppyseed in three-fourths cup of milk and let it stand over night. The next day cream half a cup of butter with one and a half cups of sugar, add the poppyseed, two yolks, two cups of flour sifted with two teaspoons of baking powder, add slowly three-fourths cup of milk and mix together. Then fold in two whites beaten stiff. Pour batter into a buttered cake tin with tube and bake forty-five minutes in a hot oven (375 degrees). If you wish, you may use four beaten whites instead of two eggs.
The cover on this is awesome as well, and I'll scan that in with other recipes soon. There are handwritten recipes in the back of this, which I love. My friend Susan also gave me some gems this week too with handwritten notes - that is always my favorite part of a cookbook.
I attended a Character Counts behavior class for sports parents at the new park district last night. Very interesting, and sad that such a thing is needed.

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elizabeth avedon said...

This is so cool. Love the recipe and the photograph even more!