Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Potato Pancakes

I have several recipes from this one that I want to publish. It is the cookbook my friend Tom gave me. I had the picture of the woman who wrote the recipes in the last blog post, and here is the cover. It looks uncomfortable holding the dish like that, but I'm sure it is only a short walk to the table.
I looked up potatoes in here, and there are no less than 8 pages of potato recipes, including: potatoes with marjoram gravy, potato omelet, baked eggs with mashed potatoes, potato mush No. 1 and No. 2, potato puff, several types of chips, and of course potato pancakes. This recipe is not as easy as the one Mary Welk posted on here earlier in the week, and I'm not keen on recipes that mention lard, but see what you think.
Potato Pancakes
Boil half a dozen potatoes, peel and cool, then grate, add two eggs, two cups of flour, salt and knead thoroughly. Make pancakes about half an inch thick. Fry in lard, spread with jam and serve.
Yum yum. Knead thoroughly? What kind of dough does that make?
Of course, it is the anniversary of the day Elvis disappeared. The business with Michael Jackson brought that sadness to mind also. I can't find my Elvis cookbooks yet,but you can't go wrong with peanut butter and banana sandwiches while watching his movies today. Clambake and Follow That Dream are my favorites of the movies. Speedway with Nancy Sinatra or Change of Habit with Mary Tyler Moore are also pretty amusing. Love Me Tender where he does more acting than singing shows what his movie career could have been like, and Jailhouse Rock is classic Elvis. So get out the butter, bread, peanut butter and banana and fry yourself a nice, unhealthy sandwich.
I finished reading the last of the teen issues books from HCI. They are written by teens and that makes them extra interesting, but perhaps I should not have read them all together like that this week. Now I'm off to Heidi Betts Tangled Up in Love, a knitting romance.

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