Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coconut Loaf Cake No. 2

Really, can you have too many Coconut Loaf Cakes? This is also from the Bohemian-American Cook Book, which has no pictures. I wish it did, though, as this one sounds really interesting:

Cocoanut Loaf Cake No. 2 (That's how it is spelled in the book.)

Prepare the batter as directed in the preceding recipe. Place five tablespoons of same in a bowl and add enough red sugar to it to make it a pretty red color, then add a fourth of a cup of cocoa-nut. Pour the white batter into a buttered form (of what?), then add the red batter, placing a tablespoonful about an inch apart. When baked, the red batter falls to the bottom, forming thus red stripes in the white. Spread with frosting and cocoanut.

So, it's striped? Sounds interesting. In this book also are about 200 prune recipes. Prune puff or jam, anyone?

In other news, my salmon mold arrived yesterday. First, the 16 month-old took it off my desk and was chortling as he ran around with it. Then, the six year old said "Cool! What is this? What can we make with it?" I didn't tell him it is for salmon mouse. I said we could make Jello. Not salmon flavored, either (which is essentially what some of those salmon recipes are.).

Tomorrow the older son starts at his new school. The library is the biggest I have ever seen in a school - so that has to be a good sign, right?

I'm starting to collect Illinois community cookbooks from 1980 or earlier. My friend Nancy gave me some and I have an idea for a publication. If you have some, I'm buying. I'll look at community cookbooks from other areas that are older, too, because I can't resist...

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