Monday, August 24, 2009

Sandwich Loaf Strikes Again

I hit the jackpot in unusual recipes in cookbooks this weekend at two different antique malls. I stopped in the first on my way home from Galena Saturday after a wonderful signing event. We sold many books, the people were very supportive, and we had a lot of fun. Barbra Annino is talking about making the entire weekend an annual event, which I would be happy to participate in again.

I purchased Betty's Crocker's Guide to Easy Entertaining, c1959, for $2. I would end up buying 20 cookbooks over the weekend, but I knew this one had to go first.

Remember when we went over sandwich loaves before? I was stunned at how many folks wrote in that they have had these, loved these, made these. I joked that you could dye them different colors for different holidays, including green. Well, here is an actual green one photographed.

"An elaborate sandwich loaf has endless variations." That's what I'm afraid of.

This one is made with heavily buttered lengthwise slices: "you will need about 1/2 cup." Then, Sprimp Salad Filling, Cheese-Pecan Filling or Chicken-Bacon Filling is spread on middle slices. It is 'frosted' with two 8 0z. packages of cream cheese, dyed a 'delicate green' and cucumber slices which are 'paper thin'. Why bother with making them 'paper thin' when topping an inch of cream cheese?

But wait, there's more. The next paragraph suggests another menu item which will be familiar to readers here:

"On a warm day, a cold mousse of salmon, turkey, or tuna, or a jellied chicken loaf (help) is a pretty and tempting sight on a big platter in front of the hostess."

AHHHH! All we need now is a prune dessert and we've covered all the scariest trends in vintage cookbooks, I think. Likely there are more, but it's dawn again and I can't think of any.

I have a professional book deadline October 1, written with Kim Patton. It is my pleasure to work with the funny and fabulous Stephanie Zvirin at ALA Editions. She sent me a wonderful cake recipe which you can all enjoy tomorrow.

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