Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Creole Fluff

I can't resist one more from the Brer Rabbit Molasses cookbook. I was curious about the one in the picture from yesterday with coconut. Turns out, it's just gingerbread, white frosting, with coconut sprinkled on top. That's what they are calling 'Tropical Gingerbread." If I add some pepper flakes is it Mexican? A sprinkle of soy in the recipe and it's Asian? Sad. Many of these cookbooks are not the most ethnically diverse.

I then spotted a crazy recipe I had to share:
Creole Fluff 'Delicious on cake or gingerbread!'
1/4 cup Brer Rabbit Molasses
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. cloves
Few grains salt
1 cup whipping cream

Combine molasses, cinnamon, cloves and salt. Whip cream stiff; gradually add molasses mixture. Makes enough to cover top and sides of 2 8" square cake layers. If desired, sprinkle with chopped walnut meats.

If desired, toss it out and just eat the Molasses straight up. Seriously. It couldn't be worse than that recipe. Cloves? Help.

Last night I went to work only to find a treasure trove of cookbooks and an old mixer from my friend and colleague Claire. I brought home as many as I could carry at 10 p.m. when my shift ended, and pored over them until I fell asleep. I could likely blog for a year on those cookbooks. Stay tuned!

Get ready for Guys Weekend over Labor Day. I have three men lined up to talk about fabulous food. This is going to be really fun!

Oh! I do have some news from the publisher that did the Missing Anthology. Check this out! Echelon Press Shorts officially opens on September 1, 2009. So what can readers look forward to?This month, they have new releases scheduled for the first AND the fifteenth. During launch week, there will be new releases and posts from the authors of those stories. Readers will hear from Regan Black, Marc Vun Kannon, Mary Welk, and Michelle Sonnier. To celebrate, they are giving away *free* ebook downloads. Want to know how? Visit them on September 1 at http://echelonpress shorts.wordpress .com

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