Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lunch Box Favorites

I picked up the Better Homes and Gardens Lunches and Brunches 1963 cookbook a few weeks ago while antiquing with my husband. It has delightfully weird menus.

Keeping in mind that most kids now have about 20 minutes for school lunch if they are lucky, here is the "First Grades" menu:
Chicken Drumstick (no fridge either, salmonella city...)
Bread-and-Butter Sandwiches
Carrot Sticks
Leafy Lettuce (It suggests you pack this separately to keep it crisp. How many kids would actually eat it then?)
Cherry Tomatoes
Jumbo Sugar Cooky
Hot Cocoa (Yes, in a thermos) with Miniature Marshmallows
Snack: Apple or popcorn ball

Executive on a Diet (That's me. But perhaps not the Executive title.)
Hot Consomme (sparked with bay leaf and thyme)
Cold Turkey Slices
Hard-cooked Egg
Crisp Rye Wafers
Lettuce with Low-calorie Dressing
Ripe, Juice Tomato (as opposed to?)
Hot Black Tea
Snack: Giant Orange

Wow. I don't know about Hard Cooked Eggs in Weight Watchers. Perhaps you'd lose poundage with the exercise it would take to make that lunch. By the way, I'm down 8 pounds. Everything is definitely fitting better, and we'll try out a suit tonight when I'm speaking on a panel to the Windy City RWA group.

I'm off to make my son's preferred jelly sandwich with fruit in his Star Wars lunch bag. No Chicken. No Hot Cocoa.


Joe said...

So for a snack, the orange has to be giant?

Anne said...

Weigh to go on the weight loss! Love the lunch box suggestions - makes me think of Bread and Jam for Francis. I hope you have a little salt shaker to go with your hard boiled eggs!

Amy said...

Yes, Joe - small oranges won't work!

Anne - that was my first book! (Hm, perhaps that is where the food obsession started.) I loved her little song, and the little shaker!