Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coffin Cookies

How odd. I thought I posted this one yesterday, but it didn't run. Also, my fabulous erudite copy is gone. Now I was doing this while the boys where running around here - the oldest had a sick day, so I must have distractedly hit a button.

This was from the Frightfully Fun Halloween volume from Wednesday's post, too. You are to take sheets of premade chocolate refrigerated cookie dough and cut out coffins. The book contains a pattern with measurements, but seriously? Just cut out some coffins and make them reasonably the same size.

Then bakers were supposed to combine vanilla frosting with marshmallow fluff. Again, too much work, Use the frosting, but not the whipped canned frosting as that's too light.
Dip cookies in sugars or sprinkle things on the edges.

Notice the fancy front one. Who would pipe that frosting and then put a pumpkin sprinkle at each juncture? I don't even get that design, either - who could afford a coffin that fancy? Clearly, I've been watching too much Yo, Gabba Gabba with the boys. The Halloween one was scary on so many levels.

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