Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Doughberry Funny Faces

This photo is also from the Complete Holiday Cookbook I wrote from earlier in the week, with the Crown Roast of Franks. While I like the chocolate doughnut witch hats made with the ice cream cones here, the Funny Face things are very odd. They look cute, right? Wait until you see what is in them!
Doughberry Funny Faces
Doughnuts, cut in half (That should be a crime.)
Cranberry sauce, chilled and sliced thin
Packaged Cheese Slices
Place doughnut half, cut-side up on plate. Top with cranberry sauce slice. Cut eyes, nose and mouth from cheese slices. Make hats, whiskers and hair from construction paper or strips of aluminum foil.
I'm wordless on that recipe. Food Perversion.
Check that site out for tons of Halloween recipes. Do you have a favorite Halloween recipe?
I have a book to review, but can't wait to finish Catching Fire!

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