Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Turkey Montmorency

I showed this photo when I discussed Turkey during my Vintage Holiday November talks. You might think - Turkey is Turkey - how could the vintage cookbooks have messed that up? As readers here know - there are few foods that have not been processed and perverted beyond recognition in the vintage decades. I'm sure my children will make fun of food things we do today.

From Farm Journal’s Cooking for Company, 1968: Turkey, roasted buttery-brown, holds its claim to supremacy on the Thanksgiving platter, but today’s hostesses feature it in company meals the year round. One reason is that almost everybody enjoys it. Then, it’s handsome and showy on the platter…For picnics, a whole turkey, roasted a day ahead and chilled, is a true delight.
My thought is that is may not be a 'true delight' for the person carrying and carving it to the picnic...
Baby Turkey Montmorency is from McCalls pamphlet cookbook series, 1981. This is from the Book of Merry Eating volume, and the recipe includes: baby turkey, meat-extract paste, dry white wine, turkey giblets and neck, 1 can cherry-pie filling. Mmm, mmm.
If you haven't planned your menu for the big Turkey Day yet - perhaps that is your dish. Where could you find 'meat extract paste', I wonder?

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