Friday, November 20, 2009

Decorations for Thanksgiving

Let's talk about Thanksgiving decor for a moment. There are lots of homes around here already lit up for Christmas, but what about Turkey Day? Do you have a big blow up turkey on the front lawn? Pilgrims aplenty?

This is a late 1800’s stove ad card, in the Family Gatherings volume of my favorite Southern Living cookbook set.
Under Entertaining for Thanksgiving: “A particularly elegant – and appropriate – centerpiece is frosted fruit. Dip pieces of fruit into egg whites which have been beaten until they are frothy. Then dip the damp fruit into granulated sugar and set it on a wire rack until it is dry. This fruit is particularly eye-appealing when massed in a glass bowl or compote and set between pairs of tall candles.”

Yikes. Pass the salmonella. You can buy fake fruits with frosted sheen, and hopefully no one will try to eat them, which is what always happens in my home.

I have made cloth cornucopias in the past for gifts and craft shows, but I have a big cloth pilgrim I hang and some cute Hallmark type figures I set out. Mostly until Owen stops grabbing everything (and we can find everything in the boxes) it is pretty simple decoration. The food is the main event, right?

Any unusual decorations out there?

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