Wednesday, November 04, 2009


This photo and menu is from The Complete Holiday Cookbook, Favorite Recipes Press, 1970's. I know it's from the 70's because there clippings and comments from the owner from that time, including the "High Valley Farm Smoked Turkey" guide. Now this photo looks fairly normal, right? Look on the right. What have they done to the pumpkin pie? Yes, that's mincemeat. We'll get to that. First, I will mention a sides recipe not listed in their menu, oddly, but still included between the Butter-Roasted Turkey and the Onion Soup.
I grew up with pasta at every single holiday meal. My Grandmother Alessio brought her 'gravy' to everything. When I started hosting Thanksgiving, I thought it odd that caterers did not automatically include mostacholi. But this one is unfamiliar to me. Anyone have Tagliarini at T-Day?
1 pound ground meat
2 tablespoons fat or oil
1 large onion, grated
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of garlic salt
1 can tomato soup
1/2 can water
2 tablespoons chili powder (because nothing says Thanksgiving like a roomful of family eating chili powder)
1 4-oz. package noodles
1 cup yellow cream-style corn
Sliced stuffed olive (optional)
Brown meat in fat; stir in onion, salt, pepper, garlic salt, soup, water and chili powder. Simmer for 20 minutes. Boil noodles until tender; drain. Add noodles, corn, 1 cup grated cheese and olives to meat mixture; mix well. Pour into casserole. Bake for 30 minutes in 350-degree oven. Top with sliced cheese; bake until cheese is melted. Yield: 6 servings.
So - this is a sort of meat/noodle casserole. Sounds like what I make for dinner a lot around here, but I don't cook in fat. Ick. No, I just eat my fat straight up from leftover Halloween candy!
My husband and toddler have been sick this week, and in between trying to help them I've been working on my presentation. I have worked more on the Vintage Holidays show than on ANY library presentation I've done, and there have been like 80 of those. Starting something new is so scary. I'm sure it's good for all of us to leave the comfort zone, but nervous is only the tip of what I'm feeling right now. The schedule of talks is up at my site if you are in the area, but many have pre-registration, and several - gulp - are filled.

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