Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is from 500 Tasty Snacks, 1950. My wonderful friend Catherine Stier sent it to me. Catherine is an author who used to run my Teen Writing Club before she escaped the cold and moved to TX. We remain good friends, but I miss her a lot. So I was delighted to get this in the snail mail with a note. This one has incredibly weird stuff. And - oddly, it has the same ham-wrapped banana pictures at that banana cookbook I blogged about a few weeks ago. Was there a weird stock food photo database folks drew from in vintage days? Or - and this is harder to believe - did two people make that dish?
"The Smorgasbord has grown strong deep roots in our national affections until now we feel that it belongs to us. The very sound of the word implies relaxation - the leisure to enjoy food..."
Er - not for the host. And what is that weird jellied circular thing in the middle?
It is snowing here today. We are having family over for my Mother-in-law's Birthday, but I won't be serving these. I won't exactly be having a Smorgasbord, either.
Igloo Canapes
4 hard cooked eggs
1 recipe Anchovy Filling for Stuffed Eggs (I'll spare you all that recipe.)
8 rounds bread
3 oz. cream cheese
(I think I see where this is headed...)
Shell eggs, cut into halves crosswise and remove yolks. Fill whites level-full with anchovy filling. Spread bread with softened cream cheese, turn filled egg white flat side down on bread.
And this is for an adult party, if you can believe.
In another week I'll be starting out on 9 Cakes, Spring and Nostalgia Foods programs. Plus that one library system asked me to design a show based on The Help. This will all be fun, but I could use advice. On the side is a poll to vote for your favorite cake flavor. Enjoy!


Terri said...

Hey Amy, I just love your blog. I read it everyday and smile, honestly. And, based on the recipes from "way back when" it's no wonder I was such a fussy eater! My mom made this digusting pork chop casserole that, to this day, still causes me to shudder. I love the ideas for future foodie programs. I promise I'll be in touch to set up some more dates for you to come back up to see us in Wauconda. Keep the crazy fun coming - aspics and all!

Terri said...

Hi Amy,
I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog. I get a kick out of reading it everday. These recipes from "way back when" have provided me with a clear understanding of why I was such a picky eater when I was a kid. My mom used to make this scary pork chop dish - the thought of it makes me shudder to this day. Keep the crazy fun coming - your blog is my fave. I love the new programs that you're developing and can't wait to have you back to my library.
Terri Suda

nancy said...

Does anybody still use the word "smorgasbord"? I hear "buffet" used more now; do you think that's because "smorgasbord" is so silly sounding? ;-)

Love reading your posts! Our grandmothers sure did some wacky things in the kitchen!

Molly MacRae said...

I still use the word 'smorgasbord' (Amy will roll her eyes) but only for the humor factor. We have 'Tortilla Smorgasbord' for supper every once in awhile. It's just tortillas and a variety of things to put on them - taco meat, refried beans, whatever - but it sounds so exciting!

Janice said...

Ah, but to me smorgasbord conjures up pictures of the 'Danish Food Centre' that used to be in the centre of Glasgow in the 70's. I loved that Danish food all the pickled herrings and meatball casseroles, you could eat as much as you wanted for a fixed price. I even went there for my graduation lunch! Thanks for reminding me, by the way, they didn't do bananas wrapped in bacon - or prunes lol!