Monday, March 15, 2010

Lime Ribbon Delight #2 and Green Cookie Pudding

These are the fabulous treats I brought to my brother's St. Pat's party yesterday. I put the link for the Lime Ribbon Delight cake - which turned out much more attractively last year! This year it slid all over! I made the cookie pudding as a backup - layers of vanilla pudding dyed green with Vanilla Wafers, left in fridge overnight. This is supposed to be packed in, then 'unmolded', but I didn't seem to have enough to reach the top - this looks better in my opinion anyway. Everyone enjoyed eating the cake covered with lime jello and pineapple, but I just don't know what happened there...

My brother calls the other Mushy Cookie Pudding. It is supposed to be a type of Icebox Cake. Use your own term - but it is delicious. Rich and comforting. Works really well with chocolate, too.

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