Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lunch with the Colleens

This is a photo of 'green rice' and a scary elf trying to be a leprechaun from the 1961 Complete Holiday Cookbook - same as yesterday. This is supposed to be Luncheon with the Colleens. Here's the menu:
Minted Lamb chops, Green Rice, carrots, Shamrock Rolls, Lime Mosaic, Irish CafĂ© en Gelee (coffee and Irish whiskey, Butterscotch Tam O’Shanters (chips and brown sugar candy), Shamrock Casserole
Wow - Minted Lamb Chops. And that's rice with peas mixed in, molded in a shamrock, with parsley on top. Painful. Shamrock Casserole is potatoes and cabbage with carrots.
Are you planning your St. Pat's Menu now?
I ordered 300 Delicious Ways to Use Your Bundt Pan after my friend Sarah found a copy over the weekend. I really think this goes into the top 10 of my all time weirdest cookbooks. She'll be guest posting about that book and other treasures after the big Green Holiday next week.
Yesterday I finished reading The Wedding Girl by Wickham/Sophie Kinsella. Really funny - though not as madcap as her Shopaholic books. I very much enjoyed it. I'll be back to reviewing mysteries now for a long time, so that was a perfect break.

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