Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Classy Casseroles

More from Jinx and Judy - really, I could write about this one for a while. There are so many funny comments, drawings and recipes. Good thing, as I prescheduled these posts as I am on my way to the Romantic Times Convention, where I am conducting some discussions for librarians.

I was amazed from comments yesterday to learn that this book was reprinted in 2006 with updated notes:  Saucepans & the Single Girl

I will have to find that one sometime. In the meantime, let's enjoy the vintage version!

Classy Casseroles:  Now we come to those lifesavers - casseroles.  When you're a working girl they can be your best friend. We found that it was best to make them the night before while we were doing the dishes, bake them while we drooled over Dr. Kildare, and park them in the refrigerator to be reheated the next night.  Most of the following recipes are for two - you and your roommate.  If, however, you live alone you can always freeze the leftovers for a later feast.

Wow. Dr. Kildare.

Crabby Casserole:  This one is definitely good enough for company.  But it's also dandy for pampering yourself when you have the sniffles and the world is out to get you. (Love that quote.)
1 can (7 1/2 oz.) king crab meat
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
2 tablespoons unsifted flour
1 tsp. salt
Pinch of pepper
1/2 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. instant minced onion
1 3/4 cups milk
3/4 cup macaroni shells
1/2 package frozen artichoke hearts
3 tablespoons sherry
1/2 cup grated sharp Cheddar cheese
(I don't know about artichoke hearts and sherry and paprika - along with crab meat?)
Flake the crab meat with a fork and set aside.  Melt butter in a saucepan and remove from heat. Stir in flour, salt, pepper and paprika to make a smooth mixture.  Add onion and gradually stir in milk.  Bring to a boil then reduce heat.  Simmer 5 minutes, then remove from heat and put it somewhere out of thw way while you cook the macaroni and artichoke hearts as the labels direct (in separate pans of course) (Thanks for the tip - AA).  Drain both well.  Combine crab meat, sherry, macaroni, and artichoke hearts with the sauce.  Mix the whole thing up and put in a casserole dish.  Place tenderly in the refrigerator until your stomach starts to growl.  Then sprinkle the top with cheese and bake 20 minutes at 350F until bubbly.  Serves 2-3 hungry people and can easily be doubled to feed six.

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Sarah said...

oooh, the RT convention! I went to one once for the Librarian Day and loved it (Meeting Eloisa James was a huge highlight for me). Can't wait to hear about it.
Jinx and Judy are hilarious. I want to time travel and be their roommate. And eat crabby casserole.