Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saucepans and the Single Girl

This is another gem from Ernestine, from 1965. The authors, Jinx and Judy, apparently lived together after graduation in an apartment. Jinx married the man downstairs after she served him stroganoff.  The bookflap actually gives his job title - manager at Smothers Brothers. Judy married another man and the bookflap said she lured him with her lasagna. Wow. I'd love to know how these ladies are doing now!

Here are a couple variations on hamburgers:

Scramburgers:  When you have to eat and run
Broil the patty 8 - 12 minutes.  top a cooked potato with melted butter and seasoned salt or regular salt and pepper; broil 8 minutes. Broil canned cling peach or pear halves or pineapple chucks or slices for 8 minutes until golden.
Notice how cleverly everything works out if you like your hamburger rare? (Oh boy.)

Hamburger Wiki Wiki
With the hamburger you can broil some banana halves for about 4 minutes on each side.  When the banana is ready to be turned, begin broiling 2 pieces of bacon - 2 minutes on each side.  Now put on that stack of ukulele records and you will all but feel the trade winds wafting through the palm trees.

Um. I'm laughing pretty hard. Does that count for big winds?

Yesterday I was charmed by the audience at Friendship Village where I went to give my Cakes talk. We very much enjoyed discussing recipes. They really liked the red velvet sample and other treats I was able to find. It was a long day after my night shift at the library too, but well worth it.


sdn said...

i own this! a friend found it in the garbage on the street. it was reissued a few years ago: amazon link.

Nate said...

That hamburger wiki wiki is - umm, something.

Barbara said...

Hey, found some bio info on Jinx and Judy - looks like Jinx's first marriage bit the dust...

Barbara said...

And here's Jinx today!!

Amy said...

Nice job, Barbara! Here's the info from that Amazon page:
Jinx Kragen was a writer for the TV comedy series “That Girl” and appears to still be a food author, as “Jinx Morgan”. Jinx Morgan (formerly Kragen) and her husband, are owners of the Sugar Mill Hotel, a small resort in the British Virgin Islands, have published other cookbooks. Judy Perry has worked primarily as a designer, but her current passion is a volunteer gig teaching English to immigrant children near her home in Indian Wells, Calif. “My plate is as full as when I had little kids,” Perry says. “It’s just different servings.”

So Jinx is painting now too - multitalented!

Barbara said...

And one more that updates both of them: