Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pear Boats

I know that chocolate and pears is an acquired taste. But I imagine the recipe for Pineapple-Mint Sundae with mint jelly and crushed pineapple would be worse.

Pear Boats:
Simmer canned pear halves in their own syrup 2 min., adding speck of cinnamon, if desired.  Refrigerate.  Place 2 pear halves, with hollow sides up, in each serving dish.  Top with vanilla ice cream.  Cover with Chocolate Sauce.

That's it for the Good Housekeeping Ice Creams and Cool Drinks.

Joshua and his fellow bakers in my house will be taking a break this Sunday too and I'll explain why with photos next week. Molly's post is coming up, too.  Plus I have a series of Pie Party programs in August, so get ready for Plenty of Pie recipes here too.
(and perhaps Plenty of Prunes for the official Prune Off write up with Molly...)

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Dawn of the Read said...

I made Ginger Pear (chocolate) Truffles for my birthday party last year that were quite divine.