Monday, August 02, 2010

Prune Duff with Molly Macrae

I'm back from the wonderful Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando. My panel with YA authors and colleague Susan Gibberman was so much fun. I came home with a ton of books and had more shipped. I was really excited that Simone Elkeles won a RITA for Perfect Chemistry. If you like a good romance - try this one. Good for adults and teens.

Now - it's time for Molly MacRae Monday. Molly's new book Lawn Order is coming soon - I can't wait to read it. Love that title, too.-AA

It’s the beginning of August and I’m exhausted. For the entire month of July I was running – running scared from the prune recipes Amy sent me for my part of the Prune Off. She scoffed at the possibility that I or my willing taste testers could eat and keep down any of her vintage concoctions. And I believed her. For shame. I let her impugn the prune and didn’t even just stand idly by – I ran the other direction.

Actually, I was working very hard to meet a deadline on a new writing project and in the midst of that received the uncorrected proofs for my novel, Lawn Order, being released in December. Very exciting! But that added another level of stress to my schedule because then I had to go over the proofs with a fine-tooth comb, hoping to catch and kill lingering typos while at the same time being careful to keep them out of the new project.

So now I’ve met my deadlines and I’m exhausted, yes, but I have no fears and no worries because I’ve got prunes. Amy sent me a collection of recipes she sarcastically called “Prune Paradise for Molly” and she laughed. But the laugh is on her. Tonight I’m making Prune Duff for dessert and we will be in heaven.

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