Thursday, August 19, 2010

Faraway Places Party

Another menu from the Parties for Children Cookbook. There are so many goofy ones in here...(but sadly no good pictures of this one)

Round-the-World Hot Dogs
Tropical Fruit Cup
Sailboat Cake
Sea Foam Slipper

Round-the-World Hot Dogs
"Serve lots of broiled wieners on hot buttered toasted buns. To give the wieners a Round-the-World taste, serve relishes that come from many places.  Explain that the sliced stuffed olives come from Italy, the heated pineapple spears from Hawaii, the mustard from China, the hot chili sauce from Mexico and so on."
I've mentioned before that 'ethnic' specialties in vintage cookbooks are often not. 'Hawaiian' usually means a sprinkle of pineapples and/or coconut. I don't know about some of these references. I also don't know about pineapple, mustard and chili all on one hot dog, which is undoubtedly what the kids at this party would do...

Tropical Fruit Cup:
"Cut up your choice of fresh or canned fruit-apples, pears, peaches, pineapple-or use canned fruit cocktail combined with diced apple for crunch.  Just before serving, pour chilled lemon-lime carbonated beverage over fruit."

Oh boy. That sounds a little weird, though I think I've had it in punch form at some showers.

Sea Foam Slipper:
"Serve tall glasses of cold Strawberry or Raspberry Milk topped with whipped cream 'sea foam'."

They must have been running out of ideas by this time...

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