Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sputnik Cheeseburgers

I've been watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a lot lately as it's currently the boys' favorite movie. So I have cheeseburgers on the brain. This is a "Spacemen's Party" menu from the same Parties for Children cookbook that the prune cake came from. You are looking at a drawing of Sputnik Cheeseburgers I've seen mini cheeseburgers a bit like that at parties. The other drawing is Saturn Sodas :
"Since yellow-orange rings surround Saturn, serve a scoop of orange sherbet in each tall glass of cold orange flavored soft drink."
I'll pass on putting up the description of 'Satelline Tomatoes'. It involves an onion in the middle of a tomato. Mmmmmm...

Today is Joshua's first day of 2nd grade. Owen keeps asking me where Josh is and then goes looking for him. I feel a bit lost myself. I miss him already. I was dreading his return to school but he looked so happy with his friends that I felt better. We had so much fun this summer, and we'll have to keep making the most of early dismissal days, days off, etc.

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