Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teen Ager Parties

"Teen Ager Parties" in the Foodarama cookbook are not anything you'd want to attempt today without a good lawyer.  For example:

"Turn that casual Teen-Age Get Together into a really festive occasion by serving the abundant party fare attractively, by dressing yourself prettily and by decorating your party room with plants, fresh flowers and soft lights."

Um. Looking hot in almost darkness. Great recipe for teen get togethers. Sure. But wait - there's more!

Slumber Parties can be tops even if guests bunk on floor pallets.  Borrowed sleeping bags are perfect, and can tee off a 'camping out' theme with fake, silver-foil moon and stars dangling from the ceiling.

No mention of just boys or girls. So plan on a baby shower in the future.

Last week I was home with two sick boys and no 'party room'. Forget dressing myself 'prettily' - some days I was happy for clean.

BUT - Tomorrow wonderful culinary romance author Louisa Edwards is guest blogging. I read her first one Can't Stand the Heat and wondered why no one had before done a foodie romance! I love foodie mysteries, but that was great. Her wonderful publicist Jeanne Devlin from the Nancy Berland Public Relations firm, sent me copies of Louisa's other two titles in the 'Recipe for Love' trilogy, autographed - On the Steamy Side and Just One Taste (which doesn't even come out until Tuesday - haha!) , after I met them in Orlando at RWA last month. I honestly could not put them down. I seriously needed these this last week, too! Delicious food references and fiery romance with smart ladies - what's not to like?

I'm guest blogging myself tomorrow for Romance University, for their YA week. That will be up tomorrow.

Enjoy Louisa's post and contest tomorrow!

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