Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Christmas Pudding

Here's a handwritten recipe from another of my boxes. This one is pretty faded, and didn't scan as well as my other ones.
Here's what's cookin' Christmas Pudding   Serves 9
Recipe from the kitchen of Irene Hess
1 pt. boiling water (I think that's pint.)
1 C grape nuts
1 C sugar
1 pkg. raspberry Jello
1 tsp. cinnamon
Let get cold.  Add 1 C. chopped dates. 1 C. nuts 1 C. steamed raisins

And - that's it. Wow - Grape Nuts and Raspberry Jello. Interesting. The only instruction is Let Get Cold?

I enjoyed my shows over the weekend and am getting ready to return tonight to the Skokie Public Library. I had so much fun there in August; I'm really looking forward to this. But first - a day as teen librarian...

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Sarah said...

The handwritten recipes I have from my grandmother are on the same exact cards!!! Not surprisingly, the handwriting also looks the same. Loving these handwritten treasures :)