Saturday, January 08, 2011

Michael Black's Tribute to Elvis Recipe

I asked Mike to do a special recipe for Elvis' birthday today as he, like me, is a big fan. You can still Warm Up with this cozy food. Michael Black is a police officer with an MFA who writes award winning funny, smart, edgy mysteries in several series - including one written with a celebrity! He and Dave Case also do stellar crime scene programs at libraries for adults or teens. He continues to be a major mentor in my writing career. I put a photo from his Elvis-themed mystery here too.Enjoy! -AA

Lob about a half a tea spoon of butter (Yeah, use the real stuff, not plastic) into a skillet and set it on the stove. Once it's heating up real good, take your self a couple bananas and slice 'em in half. Then spread some peanut butter, the non-crunchy kind works best, and smear it on some white bread. (You can use brown bread if you want, but why?) set the bread, peanut butter side down into the frying pan to sop up enough of the grease and once the bananas look fried to your preference, use a flap-jack flipper to pop them out of the frying pan and onto your plate. Do the same with the fried bananas and presto, you have one of the King's favorite dishes: fried peanut butter and bananas sandwiches.

Ah, keep on mind that Elvis weighed about two-eighty when he died at age 42 so eat these in moderation.

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Molly MacRae said...

I've heard about Elvis' taste for these sandwiches but never looked for a recipe (self preservation?) They really do sound good, though. Sigh.