Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Jello Salad

I've been researching Jello for a show in a few weeks on that subject. I found this handwritten recipe, with a comment:
Jello Salad good
cream cheese (I don't know why this is here - maybe part of title?)
1 pkg small lemon Jello
set solid
Beat following until:
1/2 pt. whip cream
1 3 oz. cream cheese
set aside.  moderately thick
cut up 1 small bottle mara. cherries
1 no. 2 can crushed pineapple
Drain well
1/2 C chopped nuts
add to cream mixture
after Jello is set mix cream with Jello. (over)
refrigerate & serve when solid

Interesting. Looks like it was wrtitten on scrap paper in a hurry. Someone clearly told it to someone else...

I had a great day at Lake Bluff Library yesterday doing  my Vintage Cookies and Candy show. Boy was I hungry on the way home, though!


Linda Glaz said...

Oh, yum. This was my mom's wonderful recipe that she served with swiss steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn. My prom date and I in my senior??? year were treated to my mom's cooking. This was dessert, a healthy square of it served on a fan of lettuce. Sometimes she left the cherries out if she didn't have any and it was still good. OOhh, if you haven't tried it, do so. IT IS YUMMY! I still make it today.

Linda Glaz said...

BTW, once cool whip came out, she used that. Melted the cream cheese in the warm jello and beat together, then folded in the cool whip. The nuts BTW are walnuts. They give it a real kick in taste.

Alexandriaweb said...

That sounds pretty good actually, I might have to give this a go at the weekend.