Friday, February 04, 2011

Vintage Table Settings

This photo is from the Better Homes and Gardens pamphlet guide from 1955. I chose it for my first Vintage Crafts Friday because it is accompanied by some pretty funny tips.

This is a patio. of some kind. I do like the little oven. Also the cranberry sticks on the table. But here's some advice:

The possibilities are endless, if you cultivate your imagination, and keep your eyes open to interesting contrasts of color and form present in everyday things you may take for granted.

Practice on your family, if you are unsure of yourself.  Then when they admire something you have arranged, make notes for a table setting file.

Sooner than you might believe, you'll have accumulated a backlog of ideas for interestingly arranged tables.  And more important, you will have trained yourself to see what gives settings originality and appeal.

OK. Then you'll want to see your doctor for some anti-depressants. If I start making matching chair coverings to go with tablecloths that my boys would spill something on within minutes, I'll have Kyle take me to a mental health professional. It's perfectly normal that I dress in 1960's polyester and go out to talk about cookbooks and crafts, right?

This is kind of cute, though. I'd attend a luncheon there. I just wouldn't want to host it.

I'll be spending the weekend at the Love is Murder conference. Molly MacRae will also be there. We will endeavor not to discuss prunes...

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