Friday, March 04, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Amy's Husband Remembers Film Fun

In the five years I've been doing this blog, my wonderful husband Kyle has put up comments and lots of great suggestions for topics. He is at least as big a collector as I am only with different things. Today is his first guest post. When I was talking about retro crafting, he remembered his sisters did Fantasy Film. I'll let him describe it, but I had this book in my collection, and it even has a St. Patrick's Day craft! Enjoy Kyle's post.-AA

I remember a craft kit that my sister(s) had received for a Christmas gift.  It was Milton Bradley's Dip-A-Flower kit.  I cannot recall if it was a joint gift for both sisters or just for one, but I do remember them doing the craft and that I was not allowed.  It was probably 1974, my sisters would have been 12 and 16.  The kit contained wires and jars of stinky colored liquid.  The idea was to create a circle or closed shape with the wire, then dip it into the fluid, remove the wire and the film created would dry. The dried film looked like clear plastic.  When you grouped them together you would create flowers & leaves.  If the film was not too thin the flowers actually lasted quite a while (meaning if I could not poke my finger through them, my sisters got to keep the flowers).  As I recall they had success with smaller flat flowers, but failed miserably with longer complex leaf shapes.  As I was only 6 or 7, and it was not GI Joes, Cowboys, space vehicles or Hot Wheels I passed on the whole flower making scene. 

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