Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Baked Corn & Beef and Pizza Hot Dish

In one of my collected boxes of handwritten recipes I've acquired from antique stores and eBay there are lots of easy dinners and desserts. My kind of cook. I'm struggling with some severe asthma this week and easy anything is the only way I can manage. I did find it interesting that this person worried so much about the cost, even to chart out ingredients on the back. Here's Baked Corn & Beef: Serves to approx. cost. $.33:
Baked Corn & Beef
3/4 lb. ground beef
1/4 green pepper
1 onion (browned)
1 egg
1 can corn
Tomatoes to cover.
brown onion green pepper & beef
add egg but do not cook
place in layers with corn in oil(ed?) baking dish cover with the tomatoes. Bake 20-30 minutes. 
I typed it in as is. Usually the temp is 350 or so when not listed. The beef has been cooked already but the egg needs to be in the oven, so keep that in mind.

 What would the price of these ingredients be now? Sheesh.
Here's Pizza Hot Dish
1/2 Bag egg noodles (oh boy)
1 # (lb?)Hamburger browned (with?) t. onion
2 can pizza sauce & cheese (there must be one that comes with cheese flavoring - you may want to skip it)
1 C. cheddar cheese Soup (has to be a can or a cup)
Mozzarella Cheese on top
Put cheese on just before done just long enough to melt.
Again, this has to be in the oven at 350 or so. This must all just be mixed up except for the mozzarella on top. 

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