Friday, April 08, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Beautiful Bump Chenille

This 1975 pamphlet showcases "Bump Chenille" which has thick and thin parts. It is authored by Mary Atkins. Here is the description of her:
This charming, soft-spoken lady has a way with crafts - all kind of crafts in general and chenille craft in particular.  Mary owns and operates a bustling craft shop in Santa Barbara, California where she teaches popular classes in chenille.  She hopes you'll enjoy this book as much as she did in preparing it for you. 

I do love the word 'bustling.' I also love the Easter Ideas, shown below. Both are round balls of foam covered with bump chenille. In the bunny's case the chenille is coiled and covers whole balls of foam. The basket covers a ball cut in half. These are kind of cute. I can't imagine what these would look like if I tried them, but my husband and I did make all the silk flower basket centerpieces for our own wedding. Should I ask him to make bump chenille decorations for holidays from now on? It looks like there is another pamphlet on straight stem chenille too...

This morning he told me he wants me to find out how the sugar eggs were made - the ones with the little pictures inside. I can find out how - but nothing is going to help me make them. I don't do as well with the little detailed crafts. I do want to try, though, especially after watching the cute scene with Snoopy and the dancing bunnies from the Easter Peanuts special this week with my boys. 

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