Friday, April 29, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Smart Chair Sets

Coats & Clark's is still known for their thread, but in this 1954 craft manual they are featuring their crochet thread to make chair coverings. It was important in the 50's to not have naked chairs. I remember my Grandma Alessio in the 70's still covered her couch with vinyl and it would be stick and noisy. Of course we all loved that, and made extra noise on it. My Grandma Curtin made doilies for her chairs, and I'm sure it did protect the sleeves some. I love the pictured basket of flowers but can't figure out how it sticks to the back of the chair. The work involved too is amazing for something designed to get a little dirty. 

This set on the right here is more straight crochet in multicolors. They also have Christmas Ball patterns. Imagine redoing another complete set for your home for the seasons and holidays. They even have the very hard filet crochet with pictures in it here. Here's the pattern for the Rainbow's End Chair Back:
Starting at narrow edge with Black, make a chain 14 inches long.  1st row:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across until row measures 12 inches.  Cut off remaining chain.  Drop Black.  2nd row:  Draw a loop of White through loop on hook, ch 3, turn, skip first sc. dc in next sc and in each sc across.  Ch 1. turn. 3rd row: Sc in each dc across, sc in top of ch-3.  Drop White, turn.  4th row:  Draw a loop of Black through loop on hook, sc in first sc. * sc at base of next sc (long sc made), sc in next sc.  Repeat from * across.  Ch 1, turn.  5th row:  Sc in each sc across.  Drop Black.  Repeat 2nd to 5th rows incl until 22 White sections have been completed, ending with 4th row.  Break off.

That reads a bit like a foreign language to me, as I'm not very good at crocheting. Does anyone here make these?

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numberonelabrat said...

Ha! I think I remember my grandmother having something along these lines as a kid, but I doubt she made them. Or maybe she did... they were odd and uniquely unmemorable.