Friday, May 20, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Coffee Mug Recipe Holder

 Here's another gem from the 1973 Don't Throw It Away! Either I've been into the vintage world too much or this is actually really cute? I could see myself using it...The description of this is priceless. 

"I particularly like this idea because it has so many uses.  It makes reading a recipe and cooking at the same time a breeze  It's a marvelous hostess gift.  It's a wonderful gift for a bride's kitchen shower, especially if you make it personal by writing one of your favorite recipes on a recipe card.  Depending on the way you decorate it, you can use it in a nursery for instructions for the baby sitter, or on a teenager's bureau to list the week's activities and assignments."

coffee mug
gesso (optional)
spray paint in color of your choice (optional)
Styrofoam to fit inside mug
miniature plastic vegetables on stems or wires
artificial bee
plastic plant cardholder (saved from florist's plants or flowers)
spray finish or acrylic spray
recipe card

Basically you gesso up a mug that is cracked and paint it. Then you put in the Styrofoam and moss, and add the picks. Spray finish is applied over everything but I could see skipping that step.

I'm off this morning to my older son's school for Field Day. I have been assigned the "Bungee" equipment. That promises to be more interesting than a teen program, but we'll see...


Anne Ylvisaker said...

I love the suggestion to leave it on a teen's bureau for lists and assignments. I'm sure my teen would be oh so receptive to lists her mother displays in her room!

Happy Field Day! Don't get roped into a three-legged race, now.

Linda Glaz said...

Hilarious, possibly because I lived through that time and it brings back memories.