Friday, May 13, 2011

Retro Crafting Friday: Shell Art

Finally! Blogger is up again - phew! I had no idea how addicted to this I've become. I mean...

Okay - from the "Don't Throw It Away" 1973 book here is a picture of things you can remake. Notice the shell purse. When I was younger I glued shells on everything. I also have a jewelry box someone gave me like that. Now I make photo frames covered with shells in my summer retro crafting workshops!
This pattern says you should be able to find pocketbooks with glass tops in any craft store? Um. I don't think so. I frequent all those places, too. But - the shells are glued onto a rough piece of sandpaper, looking like a beach.

This book also suggests gluing velvet to a big shell and using it like a little jewelry dish - with more tiny shells glued on top. Right.
What did you glue shells onto?

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