Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Handwritten Recipe Wednesday: Jimmies Griddle Cakes

This recipe is from an unassuming battered yellow box, with a label inside saying "Recipes of Olivia Hughes Majors from 1930s 40s & 50s." There are many well worn recipes in here - Olivia was clearly a good cook. 
Jimmies Griddle Cakes
1 cup flour - 1 T white cornmeal.
1 T sugar - 1/2 t salt - 2 t Bkg. Pwd.
1/4 cup oil - 1 egg unbeaten
2/3 cup scant, sweet milk
makes 10 or 12 cakes - do not grease griddle after first greasing

I love it. I wonder why these were Jimmies cakes?


Patti T. said...

Just found your blog through Cookiebaker's Corner. I love it, I love going to flea markets and finding old cookbooks, especially if they have handwritten notes or recipes on sheets of paper etc. tucked inside. I would be in heaven if I ever found a recipe box full of good recipes!

Amy said...

Hello and Welcome! EBay has collections of handwritten recipes in boxes but they go pretty high. My husband gets them for me for special occasions. Look for binders with recipes, too. It's nice to find a kindred spirit!