Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Irish Recipes

I have been doing some baking, according to how tight my jeans are today! I purchased a big heart cookie pan for $2.50 at Target after V Day last week and have made it more than once already. Not just for my family, but still...

I've already moving on to the next holiday! My husband and I had a date day antiquing over the weekend and I purchased "Irish Recipes Traditional & Modern" for $1.50. It's actually from Shannon Ireland according to the price tag, and there is conversion from metric measurements.

I have many of my grandmother's recipes that I have been trying to decipher and type in to a file for my sister and brother, but this is a treasure trove. Check out this recipe:

Flaming Bee Hive Shelmalier
1 sponge; Irish whiskey (no amount?); 1 block fruit ice-cream; 3 whites of eggs; 2 yolks of eggs; whipped cream

Take a round piece of sponge 6 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick and soak in some Irish Mist. On top place a mould of fruit ice cream. (any shape?) Cover the ice cream with some meringue mixture to which the yolks of the eggs have been added. Pipe it on 1/2 inch thick, to give the impression of a bee-hive, leaving an aperature at the top in order to pour in some flaming whiskey. (What in the world?) Bake in a hot oven until the meringue is colored golden brown. Serve immediately. Set fire to the whiskey at the table. Serve some vanilla flavoured whipped cream. With some chocolate coverture, pipe out some bees on greaseproof paper, and arrange these around beehive after flaming. (How - wouldn't it still be flaming?)

None even I am going to try this one. Anyone know what a Shelmalier is? How many readers have Irish Whiskey at home?

I forgot one holiday - Mardi Gras. I have my annual teen Mardi Gras event tonight where we do almost nothing traditional but wear beads. I did get donut holes for them, and we have some festivities planned, but no one in New Orleans would recognize it...

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Anonymous said...

How was Teen Mardi Gras Night? Seems you can't go wrong with donut holes, no matter the holiday, the age group, the time of day.

As for Shemalingadingdong, seems a lot of work to go for a shot of irish whiskey (which I do have in the cupboard...other less complicated suggestions welcome).