Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kwanzaa Traditions

My son is part African American and so we celebrate Kwanzaa in my house. I really like the principles of the 7 days, and we have decided that a good project would be to take a large load of our things to the Salvation Army and also to take a large load to the area food pantry to give to the community. The more we delve into the closets here, the more I realize that perhaps, maybe, possibly... I have too many cookbooks! (3 family members + 300 cookbooks = some in every closet...) 2008 is going to be the year of simplicity around here. Hey - I also want to master pies. If you are new to the blog, let's just say my last attempts to do pies left something to be desired!

That said, I got 3 cookbooks for Christmas and then went on an antiquing date day with my husband this week and got 2 more. Here's one. this fabulous paper cookbook has so many versions of apple pie alone I feel inspired to try one. For example, the "Holiday Apple Pie" which is made by sprinkling 3 tablespoons of brandy through the vents in the pie crust after baking. This cookbook is published in 1958. What would today's alcohol suggested contribution be? As always, there are plenty of gross prune recipes in this one, including Sherried Prune Tarts, and Prune Cot Pie. Better not to ask.

My signing was great fun last week, until we were asked to say a few words! Seriously, it was a very fun panel with Robert Goldsborough, Norm Cowie and Margot Justes. Lots of my friends and family came and I believe 70+ books were sold. Doing a signing at Centuries and Sleuths is a big honor and it's so cool to contribute to the cause with this book as well. I brought my Christmas signature Coconut nests (check last December's posts) with the recipe on one side, and the anthology info. plus my library book on the other.

I'm continuing to read all the stories in the anthology, plus I had a teen book review due this weekend too. I also finished the latest Laurien Berenson dog mystery and Kasey Michaels Bowled Over, the latest Maggie mystery. Both were great fun. I bought some more Ginny Gordons at the antique stores also. The author of my beloved Trixie Beldens, Julie Campbell, did these first. Julie only did a few of the TBs, but they were the best.

I also plan on getting 2 books done in 2008 - finishing the one I got a large part done of in November, and another. Should be fun.

Anyone have any weird family food traditions for the holidays? I couldn't believe it when I got married and discovered that not everyone served mostacholi with ground meat 'gravy' on it for every holiday.
Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I love Trixie Belden!!!! And I love apple pie. I personally will be looking tomorrow for an excellent apple cris, as my husband made a request for the new year.

Lidian said...

Hi, I hope you don't mind me linking you - I have just started a website about retro cookbooks & household guides (& related trivia) - I was searching for some other similar sites and I really like yours...The cookbook you show in this entry is one I have, it is a great series! :)

Cheers - Lidian

Amy said...

Trixie is the queen of mysteries, and the Ginny Gordon's are not bad either. My favorite of TB's is the Mysterious Code, #7, because I have always liked codes. My favorite Holmes is The Dancing Men.

Welcome, Lidian! I usually blog more often than I have lately, so hopefully you'll enjoy more descriptions of my old cookbooks soon.