Monday, May 05, 2008


Sorry - we've been a little busy... Our second son was adopted into our family on April 12. He was born in a small town hospital and while we waited for the signing time to pick him up, we went into a huge antiques mall.

I purchased "How to give Luncheons, Teas and Showers" from I believe 1964. It proposed to give 'man-saving' tips for entertaining. If this is man-saving, I'd hate to see the full blown effort:

"Small tables for four can make the difference between a good party and a poor one."

"Cover each with a cloth to match the buffet decoration... for a big, important party you might cover the tables and bind with solid color. For a great occasion, make matching slipcovers for the chair backs."

We had my older son's first friend party for his 5th birthday Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese. Now there is some 'man-saving' technique. It was really cute there - though crazy of course. We have the family party planned for Mother's Day and I rented the bouncy house my family seems to adore - adults and children alike! I will not be making matching slipcovers...

Not too much time to read lately. I did enjoy Rosemary Harris' Pushing Up Daisies and Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key. I'll be reviewing that one on with an interview with Sarah.

I have to go make another bottle.


Sarah said...

Paul brought home a Pennsylvania Dutch cooking booklet from his library booksale. Not sure of the date, but it definitely looks 60s. You probably have it!

Private Chef said...

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