Monday, July 07, 2008


There is a sample menu for everything in cookbooks. My Southern Living Family Gatherings has everything from Bar Mitzvahs to showers to 'Christening Day Brunch'. Yesterday we had a beautiful day for Owen's Baptism. The money I spent on the bouncy house and mini pool were well worth it as 40 relatives came to enjoy the catered spread.

Here is the suggested menu from FG:
Tomato Soup
Fresh Vegetable Bowl
Congealed Veal Loaf
Whole Wheat Angel Biscuits
Vanilla Crescents
Apricot Balls

Did you ever play the 'which of these is not like the other?' game on Sesame Street? Nothing that has Congealed in the title can be good. The recipe uses boneless veal cutlets and pork steaks - a pound of each, as well as 14 other ingredients including 3 hard cooked eggs. I don't think I need to explain further...

The Bar Mitzvah luncheon includes 'Seven Layer Congealed Vegetable Salad.' I don't even want one layer of this.

I started an online technology class today. Keeping ahead of the teens at work is always worth the extra effort.

There is nothing good to read on my bedside table, but I did finish my first version of the story and read several other submissions to the anthology. I also saw WallE, went to a Fair, fireworks, and more. Great weekend.


Sarah said...

Great to see so many posts, Amy! I can't believe little Owen was not treated to congealed veal loaf at his baptism. What kind of mother are you? hee hee. We had Clark's birthday party this weekend, I made a train cake. Pictures to go up soon!

Amy said...

Hi Sarah:
The cake sounds wonderful, like yours always do. My Southern Living Family Gatherings actually suggests 'Choo-Choo' cakes for young boys. I assume you did not use 2.5 cups of shortening in yours, though! I can't wait to see pictures.