Saturday, February 28, 2009

Begin the Buffet

More from Company Meals and Buffets. Here's some advice on how to lay out your table for Buffets. I plan on using this for the next family gathering so my extended family won't all hover inches from me deep in conversation about their medical ailments!
First drawing caption: When the buffet table is against a wall
Middle drawing: When the table is in the center of the room
Bottom drawing: When the crowd is large, a duplicate service
How about paper plates?
Here's some of the advice on the page: You may want to serve from a sideboard, dining-room table, living-room table, dining-alcove table, or top of a low bookcase or chest of drawers.
OK, so if someone catches the drawers by accident, your underwear is suddenly on view. Pretty funny advice.
Today I'm helping serve 200 patrons at the Ethnic Food Fest. We actually serve in a U-shape, against 3 walls. Why isn't that layout here?


Miss CherryBubbles said...

Hi Amy,

I'm enjoying your vintage cookbook collection! I also have a small collection and it's always interesting how different people's tastebuds must have been 50 or 60 years ago - lol. Incidentally, I'm a (former) librarian ;) Thank you for the compliment on my crown roast :) Good luck keeping the family out of your hair at the gathering!

Amy said...

Librarians rock! Thanks for the visit and nice comments.