Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Recipes

I have at least enough recipes and funny comments in cookbooks to get through until Easter, so today let us begin. This is from the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Book, 1959. The caption for this cute photo reads:
"Gala Easter buffet follows the season's tradition. Easter-egg tree, a symbol of new life, sets the stage! Ham - beautifully glazed and trimmed with a candied-orange daisy - is the star of this dinner. Spring-y accompaniments - frilly leaf-lettuce salad, asparagus with almond topper, Parleyed New Potatoes. Serve hot rolls, coffee."
I don't know about that tree being a symbol of anything other than someone who has too much time. Symbols for me are the lamb cake which I would make to see it fall apart each year, or religious symbols.
The book also suggests making salad 'baskets': (like those served at McDonald's Tea Room) (can't be the reference I know): "fit two lettuce cups together. Fill with tossed salad. Split green-pepper ring for handle. Top with dressing and crumbled blue cheese. Trim with 'marigolds', notched carrot slices and topped with carrot chunks." Not sure I get this, but it sounds cute. Nothing gross in there anyway.
This book refers to Dad as "meatman" doing the carving. Um. OK.
I hope those are potatoes in the bowl made with perfect scoops.
Does any readers here have a strange Easter food tradition? Let us know! I do have a few, but more on that soon...

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