Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, it's here. You all have patiently been reading about this crazy moving adventure with me for the last 6 weeks since we put the house up for sale. Tomorrow we move, and then I have no Internet at home until 7/29! How will I manage? I don't know. But my scanner is already packed along with 15 boxes of books, so you will have to look at old posts for the next 9 days until I return, unless I can find a way to sneak in a post from work.

Better yet - what are you cooking? Write in on the comments about either your favorite cookbooks or recipes you are trying. Or if you have read a great YA book or mystery. Or just to say hi and send me sympathetic moving stories. Or... you decide.

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cookbookoftheday said...

While you are moving you can check out the cookbooks at Cookbook Of The Day. Have a safe move!