Friday, April 16, 2010

Fondue Fun: Fried Pies?

This is from (1970) Gourmet International’s: The Fine Art of Fondue, Chinese Wok and Chafing Dish Cooking. Flaming foods were hot (haha)– cherries jubilee,etc – and this was the next step. It was also a big time for crepe dishes like flaming Crepes Suzette. This book has an entire chapter on crepes also.

I often make chocolate fondue with my teen group. I’ve had fondue meals at the Melting Pot where meat is cooked in oil, bread is put in melted cheese, strawberries/pound cake in the chocolate. But this style of cooking really came into vogue in the 1970s as a way to dine.

I’d never before seen fried mini fruit pies. The instructions tell you to take pie crust mixes, make them, roll them out and cut little pie crusts. Fill and seal the little pies with fluted edges, and then fry them in the hot oil in the fondue pot. The book suggests apricot, prune, mincemeat, cherry.

I had so much fun at the Eisenhower Public Library with Penny Blubaugh and the patrons there last night. We exchanged tips on making fool proof lamb cakes and getting chiffon cakes high. I really enjoyed myself!

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Janice said...

Eeek! Sounds like a recipe for a burnt tongue!

My mum had a fondue set in the 70's and we used to have the steak in oil type. Also sometimes a chinese fondue where you cooked prawns and stuff in stock then had the 'soup' at the end.