Monday, April 26, 2010

River Road Plantation Country Cookbook

There have been so many moments since I started writing about Vintage Cookbooks four years ago where I felt the presence of my Grandmothers. A recipe, a flavor, a note - can bring back a memory and it seems as if they are beside me again. I received this wonderful River Road Plantation Country Cookbook from Pelican Publishing. It opened immediately to a recipe for The Best Italian Red Gravy, and I was immediately back in Grandma Alessio's apartment, eating some of her 'gravy.' The recipe here is to put on a Muffuletta (capitalized as I love these), and I can't wait to try it.

The rest of this cookbook reads like my favorite Southern Heritage Southern Living set which I refer to here often. Author Anne Butler's researched information about many sights from the New Orleans area is delightful and very interesting narrative, interspersed with both historical and modern recipes. Original photos and modern ones from plantations, people, and occasions from long ago bring an extra dimention among the culinary historical richness.

Some recipes here are just for reading, like the edible mealworm creations from the Audubon Insectarium, but many could be made easily, such as the several delicious citrus puddings and bars, as well as 'Creams.'  Everything Southern from Molasses Ham to the Mint Julep recipes will transport readers to a tour of New Orleans, and they will leave hungry and ready to cook after reading this. I'll be featuring this book in my Southern Vintage Treats program from now on.

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