Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back to Home and Baking!

We're back in Illinois. I realized I forgot to post Joshua's Lunch Box Pineapple Crusties last Sunday before we left, so here's a photo and a link to the recipe post from a few weeks ago.
These were delicious, but next time I think I will make the crust. Also, the boys ate a lot of the filling, and we ended up with like 10 rather than what the recipe said.

We did go back to Disney World. Yes, I know we were there in November. This time I got myself a couple of interesting cookbooks. The Little Black Book of Chocolate, from the Writer's Stop in Hollywood Studios, my favorite little bakery/cafe in the entire DW, and then a collection of handwritten recipes in a pamphlet cookbook from the airport gift shop yesterday. I couldn't believe it either. More on those to come.

We had a wonderful time. Here my men are before lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern at the Magic Kingdom on Friday, our last day there. That was a fabulous meal. We enjoyed many memorable meals and moments. More on that too.

I don't know if Joshua and I will get to baking today. We got in much later than anticipated last night due to storms in this area and need to visit the store. I suppose I'll have to buy prunes to get ready for whatever recipe Molly will be sending. I hope you all enjoyed Molly's posts this week - I thought they were hilarious.

All four books I left with got read, though I have a downloadable one to finish yet. I really enjoyed Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown's Picture the Dead, and read it one night in two hours while the men slept. Based on Civil War letters, the illustrations on this are amazing. From the new Sourcebooks Fire imprint, I'll be reviewing this one for so stay tuned.

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